Gallery M&A art agents

Gallery M&A art agents

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Most common question we get!

Do I need a website?

No, you do not need a website to start your career as an artist.
What we recommend is to get an account at Artsy or Saatchi Art. Best platform for posting your art and even selling your art!



We are looking for painting artists in different media & photographers



- Be discovered  by Museum of Contemporary Art, Artplu Shanghai China. (Just for painting artists)


- To get more followers in Instagram and Facebook, to get more attention for your art.


- To get seen by galleries around the world.


-More visitors and art buyers to your website.


-It takes time to network and also takes a lot of time for social media to reach the right audience.




We are not selling art, we don't take any percentage from your work, we promote you to sell more art.






"I was sceptical at the beginning when Gallery M&A art agents contacted me.

I start with 1 month for 40 € and I already got results with buyers and followers on instagram. I am pleased with their platform and service."

Artist Fabio Rocca (Italy)

We are not selling art,

we are promoting artists.

                        Submission for artists 


Here you send your website address or social media, so we can see your artwork!


Email us and we tell you more about our packages to be marketed by us.

About Gallery M&A art agents

Gallery M&A are glad to welcome you on our website. We are working has an art agent for Museum of Contemporary Art, Artplu in Shanghai, China and actively searching for new talented artists. On our site and social media we will promote artist for low cost to reach out to other galleries around the world.

This project is run by artist Marcus Carlsson, so already works for and you can also visit .  He used to have a physical gallery in Lund (2012) and in Ystad Sweden during five years where he worked with different painting artists and among them were really talented artists who asked about promotion because they didn't know how to reach out, to be more recognizable, to selling art-works, to communicate with collectors, galleries.

Marcus Carlsson working has artist over 7 years, and reach out by social media noticed that now is very important for artist to be in these platforms. Today he works mostly with a social media, he’s got a different art shows around the world.

Here we are looking for painting artists in different media and now photographers welcome to our platform.

If you are working with culture (like gallery and museum and to selling art materials etc.) can also be represent on our platform and social media.

To be submitted here, just send an email from submission artist formula and we will tell you more about it!

Painting artist

Click on the picture and you will find the artist's website


Click on the picture and you will find the artist's website

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