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Get your own digital art book & get published by us!

This is a personal art book and get published at
You can also have the book on your website or social media with a link you get from us.
Today we already have over 6000 readers at Gallery M & Art agent's magazine.
perfect to keep customers and new art interested people

in to your art, Now that it's difficult times for artists and we have to find new ways to show our art today.

Now we can also make digital art books for you for a low sum!
You should write your own text that you want in the book and in English.
There will be one painting on a page and also image pictures of you when you paint.

Images you submit can be 72 dpi-300 dpi in jpg format and we make images in the correct format.

You can also make your book printed and sell for future exhibitions!

For more about different book packages and prices and interest email us!

Must have website or Saatchi or Artsy or Artpal for us to design and publish your art book!

Mail us for more info about Art books!

Examples of what an art book can look like!

10-15 pages costs 100 €
15-20 pages coast 200 €
20-25 pages mail us
25-30 pages mail us
30-35 pages mail us

If you want more pages in your art book, we will discuss the price and give you the best option!

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