Artist Contest 2020

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Artist Competition in 2020 for the next edition, front cover and 6 pages of interview and images!

Take the chance and be the winner of the next cover for the Gallery M & Art agent's international art magazine, which will be released October 1, 2020.

The winner will be presented when the magazine comes out!

Deadline for submission is July 30, 2020.


We are looking for artists in different media!

paintings, photographers, sculptors, college and textile artists into  the contest

This is free of charge this contest "no fees".
we are together!

Submit for the artist competition!

No social media accounts accepted!

First place and cover for first art magazine 2020!

The winner of the 2019 artist competition is Javier Cornejo "Chile" for his creativity and

strong emotions that come out on the canvas.

The creation of it is a creation that comes directly on the canvas and also technically and

a confident that goes on repeat!

In the jury!

Founder & CEO of Gallery M&Art agents

Marcus Carlsson

David Rosh who is the CEO of artplu gallery

and have Museum of Contemporary Art.

 more info

Everything is closed and no one knows how long this virus Coronavirus (COVID-19) going to be.

Now take the chance to be in the digital world, when the physical world is kind of shut down for public places. Join us and we promote your art, so galleries and art buyers still see you .
Sign up for the next art magazine is a good example of being visible in the art world.

First edition is out NOW & over 6000 readers worldwide!

Artists participating in the competition

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Skansgatan 2 Ystad  (Sweden)

Contact: gallery@

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