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Artists who are in the art magazine!

⭐️Cecilia Grensner  ⭐️Sabine Kay  Sara Rutherford

Vasiliy Chernikov Abril Sol Cerutti Zita Vilutyte 

⭐️Yvonne Walther  Udi Cassirer  Lana Leuchuk 

Marco Monatti Dani Lee  ⭐️Jurgit Pobereznyta 

Ana Lagidze Ornela Alia Maria Buduchikh  

Antonia Pia Gordon  Galleri Nijenkamp 

⭐️Yana Kantsel  Ruth Davis  Katie Vasbinder 

Marie-Laure Romanet  ⭐️Adam Starr 

Javier Cornejo ⭐️Eileen Olimb ⭐️Alexandra Marx

Roccart Gallery ⭐️Aomi Kikuchi Natacha Kadhija

⭐️Katie Willes Renate Merzinger-Pleban

Marchini Pierre Paul Steve Tanenbaum

Patty Baldo Wilson

Viktoriia Kartashova

Sinead Ni Chionaola

⭐️Karl W. Lu 

Michaela McCarver Lund

Aase Birkhaug

Carolina Jofré Pita

Astrid Hoepfner-Jacobs

Cathy Ghyoot

Mirek Struzik

Eva Galda

Daniele Cerù

Tali Almog

The Cultural Forum Aspö

Gonzalo Cores Gomendio

Tuula Kallas

Petra Reissmann

Deadline for submission is 27 February, 2020!

The release for the magazine is March 2, 2020!

Next year (2020) we come out with our first digital art magazine!

We mainly want in painting artists and photographers and collage, sculpture artists to the magazine.

The magazine goes out to art buyers and galleries and the magazine will be free for everyone, even those who are not interested in art!

The magazine will be holding various interviews within art and galleries for art events and we also collaborate with international art journalists!

Winners from the artist competition 2019 will be on the front page!

For more information, fill out the contact form!

We are looking for artists in different media!

Now we bring in photographers, sculptors, college and textile artists into our platform!



- Be discovered  by Museum of Contemporary Art, Artplu Shanghai China. (Just for painting artists)


- To get more followers in Instagram and Facebook, to get more attention for your art.


- To get seen by galleries around the world.


-More visitors and art buyers to your website.


-It takes time to network and also takes a lot of time for social media to reach the right audience.




We are not selling art, we don't take any percentage from your work, we promote you to sell more art.

To be part of the art magazine,

fill in the contact form


The release for the magazine is

March 2, 2020!

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